Capital Allowances

Claim allowances on commercial property.
Typically 25% of the property value.
A simple process handled on your behalf.
No claim?  No fee.

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Stamp Duty Land Tax

Advice given by a Chartered Tax Advisor.

Backed by £1 million in PI Cover.

Ensure the correct SDLT is paid on a new purchase.

Reclaim overpaid SDLT within 4 years of purchase.

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Research & Development

Claim 230% tax deduction on qualifying expenditure.

Add value back directly to your bottom line.

A technical process, made simple.

No claim? No fee.

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The Great HMRC Stitch Up

It is a trite and well-trodden path of recent societal commentary that trust in public services, and in general trust in those in public life, is at an all-time low.  Recent statistics show us that Brexit, a poorly considered election, the rise of populism and the... read more

SDLT is childs play with the right advice

Stamp Duty Land Tax was created by Finance Act 2003. It was meant to bring simplicity to an area which had become stuffed with reliefs, exemptions and different treatments. Initially it worked but in the following 15 years the situation has become muddied once more.... read more

Claiming Embedded Capital Allowances

There are 2 main reasons why people do not make use of the Capital Allowances embedded within their commercial property. They haven’t been told that they can claim They see the process as complicated and difficult. With Rufus & George – Tax &... read more