Rufus & George – Tax & Reclaims focuses on the needs of business owners, property owners and property developers, helping them navigate the inner depths of the UK tax system.

We specialise in 3 core areas:

  • Research & Development Tax Relief – ensuring that business owners and business leaders are aware of, and make use of, the tax relief available to them for developing new products and processes and solving business problems.
  • Embedded Capital Allowances – ensuring that owners of commercial property are aware of, and make use of, the tax allowances available for the integral fittings and features in their commercial property.
  • SDLT – Audit, Planning & Refunds – ensuring that clients know exactly what it is they’re buying and how that affects their treatment for SDLT purposes.  SDLT is a fiendish tax that will trip up the unwary, making transactions more costly than they have to be.  We see no reason why this should be so.

The guiding principle of Rufus & George is semper fidelis; always faithful, always loyal.  We make it our business to be loyal and faithful to ourselves, to our principles, to each other, to our staff, to our introducers and partners, and to our clients.

We remind ourselves every day why we do what we do.  To demonstrate that together, good people can do great things and that the good guys can, and will, win.